Bathroom Trends

Bathrooms are a critical space in everyone’s home. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes time to renovate your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Current bathroom trends sacrifice opulence for function, unless of course you have unlimited space and an unlimited budget! Most people would like to choose materials that show less wear and tear, less grout…less maintenance.


People will select non porous porcelain tile over a beautiful decorative marble, or larger tiles as opposed to mosaics for less grout lines and a cleaner look. Less grout means less mold, mildew, and cleaning.

Shower vs. Tub

People will also sacrifice the large sunken in whirlpool tub to have a larger shower because people tend to shower more than they whirlpool. A client is also more likely to reject a second vanity sink if it means having more room for a larger shower, or a commode room…(yes, in a Master bath people love a commode room!)

Now of course if your bathroom is a very large size and your budget matches the size of the bathroom, heck, do whatever you want! But in a standard 5’x7’ bathroom, people would rather have a large walk in shower than a tub/shower. If it is the only bathroom in the house, you should have at least one tub.

Colors and Finishes

Let’s talk color. Grays are popular but on the way out. Navy blue and black are the new gray. Polished chrome and antique gold are the new brushed nickel, as they are both classic finishes.

We are here to help!

Bathrooms can feel like an overwhelming project…especially if you only have one in your house. You want it done once, and you want it done right. Call New Dimensions Remodeling today to give you your dream bathroom!

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