Future Trends for 2020

Five interior design trends for the future

1. Spaces

Big large huge communal spaces are out. In the future, people will want more intimate dramatic spaces with character and distinct colors and finishes.  A small pink sitting room to have coffee in and gossip, or a tv room that seats six with lots of plants. Not to say that people won’t want a big party room where they have people over for special occasions, but now people will be more intimate and comfortable.

2. Less is More

The trend will continue to be less clutter throughout. Kitchens will have less cabinetry, more open walls, more open shelving, less floor to ceiling cabinetry…all the things necessary to relax the mind. 

3. Sinks, Faucets & Plumbing Fixtures

Gold is back in a big way! In fact, all crazy metallic finishes are back in a big way. Your sink could be a mirrored finished chrome or a hand hammered copper/bronze…you name it.

4. Colors & Finishes

Regarding appliances…stainless steel is kind-of sort-of on the way out. Appliances are now available in wide ranges of colors and finishes. Navy blue and black are the new gray. Get creative! There is nothing wrong with having a navy blue stove with bright brass knobs, or a black refrigerator with iridescent pearl handles. 

Kitchen cabinetry will be moving away from white and you will see interesting wood finishes, more blues, greens and black. The pendulum is swinging!

5. Bathroom Showers

They have become more open with creative and interesting shower enclosures. Dark black frames with seeded glass or bamboo and tinted frosted panels…anything to be different. As the rooms in the house got smaller, the showers got bigger. 

Remember, trends are like opinions. Do what makes you feel comfortable…but have a little fun! Mark our words: you will see all the things we just mentioned more and more available should you go shopping to renovate your home in the future.

New Dimensions can help you add these new ideas to your home!

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