Common Mistakes in a Bathroom Renovation

It seems that everyone is doing a bathroom renovation these days. Let’s talk about issues that most people are faced with when renovating their existing bathroom.

To Tub or Not to Tub. That is the Question

Rule of thumb is that every home must have a tub, usually for the idea of resale. As long as there is a tub in another bathroom somewhere in your home, it is not a mistake to want to remove your tub to allow for a much larger and more comfortable walk in shower.

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Double Vanities

Most people feel that they should have two sinks in every Master Bath. If space is not an issue, put two…three…four! It doesn’t matter. However, if you have limited space the reality is that very few homeowners are at the sink at the same time. Think carefully about what is more important to you; adding extra storage in drawers, or adding that second sink that may look nice but really isn’t used. On the other hand, if the person you are cohabitants with is a sloppy mess sink user…then maybe losing the extra storage is not a bad idea!

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Placement of the Commode

This falls into the budget and space issue. Moving a commode is moving a major waste pipe, so if you are happy where it is then leave it. If you have a lot of space…maybe you can surround it with walls and a door and create a separate commode room. Place your vanities strategically so the commode is not the first thing you see when you walk in.

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Exhaust Fans

Some people think it is not necessary, but we are firm believers in exhaust fans. Whether you have a window or not in your bathroom, we think exhausting out the steam, etc., is important to do. The Whisper Quiet Panasonic is a nice unit, with or without heat. Yes! They do…exhaust fans come with heat now!

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Shower Doors

Currently there are great looking, well-made new shower doors available. You no longer have to pay the custom price of thousands and thousands of dollars for a frameless shower door. You can spend much less now and still have a clean open look. Visit your plumbing supply showroom and see.

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TAKE A DEEP BREATH and realize that sometimes less is more! Function over fashion. For a bathroom you’ll be using every day, sometimes it is better to select larger tiles in porcelain material with very thin grout lines. Try not to select a tile from a design magazine you just viewed that has elaborate glass mosaics and trendy design. Clean up is an important consideration and there is nothing worse than mold and mildew and lots of grout lines!

Color Trends

Again, less is more. We are firm believers in keeping your tile, vanity and countertops more neutral in color and finish. Leave the trendy colors and textures for your wall paint and accessories. Bathroom renovations are one of the most expensive rooms in your home to renovate. You do not want to feel that in five years you have to spend another $5K-$10K+ to change out all your tile and countertops. It is much easier to buy a new gallon of paint for $50 or a few rolls of wallpaper.

New Dimensions can help you add these new ideas to your home!

Hopefully this advice will help you in avoiding those common renovation faux pas. As always, don’t forget to call New Dimensions and we can help you!!

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